• Emily Osborn

[Intro] Childfree By Chance

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

This is my story about how I became childfree. We all have different stories, paths, and journeys...this one's mine.

This is my story.

Like some, it’s long, it’s frustrating, it’s emotional, but it is mine. I don’t speak for every woman on how they became childfree or childless. I don’t know if you will agree on my decisions or the fact that I am not pushing forward with other avenues, but that’s okay. We all have different stories, different paths, different journeys.

I’m writing this so you know that you’re not alone. This is difficult. Each day is different: some days I’m feeling bold, others I want to crawl under the covers.

But, finally, today I felt ready to write this all down.

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